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MKVI Battlefield Finish

Webley MkVI .455 Service Revolver Battlefield Finish, Battlefield Aged Finish .177 Rifled Barrel 2.1 ft/lbs .177 Rifled Barrel101 years after the Webley Mark VI was adopted as the standard Firearm for British and Commonwealth troops. The battlefield finish MKVI gives an unique and distressed finish that has been battle proven....

MKVI Exhibition Finish

Webley MkVI .455 Service Revolver Exhibition Finish with Black Hammer, Trigger & Barrel Catch.  6mm 1.4 ft/lbs 6mmThe latest addition to the MKVI Line Up is the MKVI Exhibition finished airgun. Using the same dimensions and features as the standard MKVI with the addition of a silver finish that brings...

MKVI Service Revolver

Webley MkVI .455 Service Revolver Black Finish.The original and still the best, the Webley MKVI black finish is still our most popular CO2 revolver. Designed and manufactured using the original blueprints dating back over 100 years. Beautiful in design with its proven heritage, the MKVI is a must for the...


The Webley .177 Tempest is built on the tried and true "barrel over cylinder" design platform - the same way is was 40 years ago! The pistol is designed to fit the hand with a thumb rest and positive-grip checkering, a positively locking barrel using the famous Webley Revolver-type stirrup,...


The Webley .177 Typhoon is a semi-recoilless pistol featuring a manual safety catch, precision rifled steel barrel, micro adjustable rear sights, integral machined telescopic sight grooves, composite cocking aid, rugged & compact design and synthetic ambidextrous grips. Ultimate accuracy, with maximum power without the cost or inconvenience of Dive Bottles...
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